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Wellpoint Installation

Wellpoints provide a far more economical alternative to boreholes, but successful installation is dependent on property location and underground soil conditions. 

Borehole Drilling

Boreholes are holes that are drilled into the earth’s crust in order to obtain water. Boreholes vary in depth and water yield. Once a borehole is drilled, a water yield test is carried out. We also drill mini-boreholes.


It is quite possible to use your wellpoint or borehole water in your domestic plumbing system or to fill your pool, provided you have had it professionally tested. There are a few labs in Cape Town that perform this service. 

Storage Tanks

Storage tanks and booster pump systems are normally used when the municipal or borehole water volume and pressure is not adequate to meet the watering or domestic / industrial use requirements. 

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Filter System

3 Stage Big Blue Filter System with UV light

3 Stage Filter

With UV Lights

3 Stage Filter

With Booster Pump & Pressure Switch

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