Rain / Grey Water Harvesting

It makes a lot of sense, if you have the space and budget, to catch and store rainwater and/or recycle grey water. We are all aware that water is a scarce resource and likely to become more and more expensive over time. By using run-off rainwater for your washing machine along with grey water for toilet flushing, for example, you not only save yourself money, but are also taking less water from Cape Town's dams, giving them a greater chance to recharge over winter.

 In many dry countries, such as Australia, for example, built in rainwater tanks are a requirement in any new building project. 5000lt of stored rainwater can provide the average washing machine with water for up to 100 washes or 300 plus toilet flushes.

 We don't recommend storing grey water long term (without proper treatment and filtering), but we can advise you on the best solutions for your particular drainage, roof and gutter arrangement and can provide simple, cost-effective, automated systems for industrial and domestic applications.