Storage Tanks & Booster Systems

Storage tanks and booster systems are normally used when the municipal or borehole water volume and pressure is not adequate to meet the watering requirements. The storage tanks vary in size depending on the amount of water required per application.


  • Storage tanks can be installed on the ground or buried at least half way in the ground. When placing the storage tank on the ground, a concrete base is constructed to support the tank. Make sure that the tank is level at all times.
  • Brass ball valves are attached to the outlet of the tank so that the booster pump can be removed at any time without draining the entire tank.
  • Plasson and galvanized fittings with high density piping are used to connect the booster pump to the tank and to the supply line for either the irrigation system or house feed.

The booster pump is selected according to the water volume and pressure required to meet the application.