Wellpoints may provide a far more economical alternative to boreholes, but successful installation is dependent on your property location and underground soil conditions. The equipment used is very much smaller and lighter than that required for a borehole, meaning access to your property is generally not a problem.

Wellpoints are shallow shafts, normally between 6 to 12m deep which extract ground water from the water table by means of a surface pump. This water can be used directly into your garden, but it should be noted that the average Wellpoint pump is not strong enough to drive a substantial home irrigation system. If you have the space, piping your Wellpoint water into a storage tank(s) makes a lot of sense. From the storage tank the water can be circulated to any size irrigation or even to your home plumbing system, provided a strong booster pump is fitted and the water has been tested to determine its chemical make-up. This leads us on to filtration as a means of getting full use out of your Wellpoint or borehole.