It is quite possible to use your Wellpoint or borehole water in your domestic plumbing system or to fill your pool, provided you have had it professionally tested.

There are a few labs in Cape Town that perform this service. On completion of testing, we consult with our filter suppliers and devise a system that renders your water fit for the purpose for which you intend to use it. Filtration can be expensive if the water is very poor quality, but if you take the long-term approach, it is never as expensive as your water bill over 20 years or the very real possibility of not having regular municipal water supply. Erratic water supply is a reality in many African cities and it is likely that Cape Town will be no exception. It also seems likely we will be facing steadily increasing water tariffs in Cape Town as council seeks to make up lost revenue and pay for much needed new infrastructure in the form of desalination and aquifer extraction.
It should be noted that municipal water and groundwater may not be connected together into the same system. To stay on the right side of the law we provide a bypass system which prevents cross-contamination. All work is carried out or supervised by a licensed plumber.